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How is Symprove delivered?

We aim to despatch all orders within 2 working days.

You should receive your delivery within 3-5 working days.

If an order is placed over a weekend, it will be shipped the following business day.

Your tracking link will be generated and sent to you within 24 hours of shipping.

Please check your details carefully as no changes can be made once your order has been submitted.

Please note that there will be a charge of $10 for deliveries to Hawaii & Alaska.

What does Symprove taste like?

Mango and Passionfruit

The mango and passionfruit has a fruity sweetness although there is a slight underlying tartness

Where can I buy Symprove?

Symprove is available direct from the company website (www.us.symprove.com) or by phone

 on 1-800-973-4510

Is Symprove available in different flavours?

In the US, the only option is the popular Mango and Passion Fruit Flavor


If you are not satisfied with your Symprove, we recommend that you refer to our Returns policy found on our website (www.us.symprove.com).

Should you need to speak to the customer care team please reach out to our friendly team either by email  at customercare@symprove.com or phone them on 1-800-973-4510  and leave the following information.


Email/telephone no

Order Number

Brief explanation of why you want to return the item

What quality controls do you have in place?

At Symprove we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality product. The production process is run to controlled food production standards and each batch of Symprove is independently tested by a certified external laboratory to verify that it reaches the stated quality and purity. Symprove is also an ISO9001:2015 certified company. On top of this, our products are constantly under scrutiny within our Research & Development Programme.

How is Symprove made?

Symprove is made in a controlled environment with four key steps to the process:

Creation of barley wort using a unique range of temperatures to obtain the correct mix of nutrients

Sterilisation of the wort

Addition and growth of the four strains of bacteria at controlled temperatures


Highly controlled processes are used at all stages, with confirmation of the quality of every batch provided through testing by independent laboratories. 

Is there any research into Symprove?

Symprove has a strong Research & Development Programme and is constantly improving its products. We are researching two main areas. Firstly, the effectiveness of the delivery system, where we work extensively with independent laboratories and Healthcare Professionals to make sure our delivery system is as good as it can possibly be. In fact, breakthrough independent research by University College London (UCL), where they tested mainstream products on sale in the UK, shows that Symprove is the only product they tested that could meet all three challenges of being able to arrive, survive, thrive and colonise in the gut.
Secondly, for over 10 years, Symprove have invested heavily into research with leading independent Health professionals to demonstrate the effectiveness of Symprove.

What is Symprove?

Symprove is a water-based Multistrain probiotic liquid supplement that contains four unique strains of live activated bacteria. Because of this unique formulation Symprove will not trigger digestion, meaning the bacteria are able to:

Arrive to the gut unharmed and in full strength

Survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach

Thrive in the gut to colonise successfully

Symprove helps to support the gut microbiome and balance gut bacteria.

Which difference might I see over the 12 weeks?

A minority of people report some ups and downs as their bodies adjust to the Symprove bacteria.  This is perfectly normal so don’t be alarmed and continue to take Symprove daily.

Most people report a positive feeling within the first few weeks, although it can take longer.

It is important to take Symprove for the full 12 weeks in order to experience the best results from a healthy balance of gut bacteria

In the latter part of the 12 week programme, our customers generally report that their experience settles as routine is established and they become accustomed to the Symprove bacteria.

From an independent trial on Symprove it was found that 12 weeks was an optimal period for change.

How does your microbiome work?

Is Symprove a prebiotic or probiotic?

Symprove is a water-based Multistrain probiotic food supplement which contains live bacteria in a barley extract. The bacteria may be considered probiotics, and the barley extract a prebiotic.

What is the 12-week programme?

Symprove comes in packs of four x 500ml bottles. Each single bottle will last you 7-8 days on the 12-week programme. We recommend 12 weeks to start with, as that is how long it takes to initially re-set the gut bacteria balance.

Each morning, on an empty stomach, take a 70ml dose using the cup provided in the box, and leave it a minimum of ten minutes before eating and drinking anything

Who makes Symprove?

Symprove is made by Symprove Holdings Ltd. in the UK.

Can anyone have a Symprove subscription?

Anyone can sign up to our Symprove subscription programme, however you should use Symprove for at least 12 weeks beforehand.

It can take time for your gut bacteria to go out of balance, and it can take time to re-balance it.

Some people will feel the effect before others, but a minimum of 12 weeks will give you the best chance of re-balancing your gut and noticing the difference.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes you can pause your subscription at any time should you wish by signing into your subscription account.

How do I cancel or change the frequency of my subscription?

You can change or cancel this through your subscription account at any time.

When is the payment taken?

Your payment will be taken at the point of set-up and the product will arrive within 3-7 days (for all orders placed before 12pm). Following payments will be taken from your card, at the frequency agreed at sign up stage on a set date each month.

How is my subscription delivered?

Providing your subscription is set up prior to 12pm, delivery of your four-pack will arrive 3-7 days after point of set-up.  You will be sent tracking information from your carrier in order to track your delivery.

I’m a new customer. Can I set up a subscription?

Anyone can sign up to our Symprove subscription programme, however you should use Symprove for at least 12 weeks beforehand.

It can take time for your gut bacteria to go out of balance, and it can take time to re-balance it.

Some people will feel the effect before others, but a minimum of 12 weeks will give you the best chance of re-balancing your gut and noticing the difference.

What ingredients are in Symprove?


Ingredients: water, barley extract, ascorbic acid (preservative,  live activated cultures of: L. rhamnosus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and L. plantarum;  sodium citrate; potassium sorbate (preservative); natural flavourings,  sucralose.


We always look for the best quality ingredients for use in Symprove and source these from reputable suppliers.  Whilst we do aim to source locally, where possible, this is dependent on the availability of ingredients which meet our high quality standards.  Our bacteria are all produced in the UK.

Are there any allergens in the product?

Symprove is non-dairy, gluten-free, and vegan friendly. It does not contain any animal products. To check whether it is suitable for you please make sure you read the ingredients list before you use our product.

Can Symprove be used whilst breast-feeding/pregnant or if I am immune compromised?

Symprove is a multistrain probiotic liquid supplement that contains live and activated bacteria; it does not contain any of the food ingredients recommended for avoidance during pregnancy and breast-feeding. However, as with any significant dietary changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, we would always recommend that you check with your Practitioner or Physician first.

For people who are immune compromised, we would recommend you take a copy of the label and discuss suitability with your Practitioner.

Does it work for everyone?

The majority of our customers report a benefit when used with a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Does Symprove work with the FODMAP diet?

Many clinicians and customers have used Symprove alongside the FODMAP diet. We would recommend talking to a Practitioner regarding the two working together. If you want to know more about FODMAP diets, please consult your Practitioner, dietitian or nutritional therapist

Is Symprove dairy-free?

Symprove does not contain any dairy.

Is Symprove suitable for vegans?

 Yes.  Symprove does not contain any animal products in the formulation so it is suitable for vegans.

Why do you use artificial sweetener?

To achieve the required Mango and Passion Fruit taste, a small amount (<1%) of artificial sweetener sucralose is used.  We do not use sugar, as this would affect the growth of the bacteria which could then impact the effectiveness of the product on your gut.

Are there any contraindications?

Symprove is a safe multistrain probiotic liquid supplement. If you are on medication, please check your medicine leaflet for any foods to avoid. However, if you are unsure, please speak to your practitioner.

Can you give Symprove to children?

Symprove is a multistrain probiotic liquid supplement and can be used with children, although no studies have been carried out to investigate the effect of Symprove in this age group. The age of introduction is at the discretion of parents/carers. As with general food consumption, smaller amounts are recommended for children, we suggest 1ml per kilo of body weight. Please take advice from your Physician if you are still unsure.

Does Symprove have any side effects?

It is important to remember that in a very few cases, during the early days of taking Symprove, some people experience loosening of the stools as their body adjusts to the new bacteria. This is perfectly normal and should soon settle (continue to take Symprove every day even if this happens).

Is Symprove a natural product?

Most of the ingredients in Symprove are naturally occurring, from the barley to the beneficial bacteria that make it their home. The only additional ingredients are vitamin C, potassium sorbate and trisodium citrate which are found in everyday foods, we also use natural flavours for the Mango & Passion Fruit flavour.

Is Symprove gluten-free?

Symprove is gluten-free according to the Codex standard of <20ppm. Whilst barley, which contains a form of gluten, is used to make the liquid in which we grow the Symprove bacteria, the production process is carefully controlled to limit the release of gluten from the barley, and the barley grain is not included in the finished product. Compliance with the Codex standard for gluten free is confirmed with regular testing of batches of our finished Symprove products

What are the active ingredients in Symprove?

The active ingredients in Symprove are four live, activated lactic acid bacteria species:

Lactobacillus rhamnosus Enterococcus faecium Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus plantarum

All four species of bacteria have a history of safe use in food.

Who should drink Symprove?

Anyone who wants to support their gut microbiome. Symprove is totally different to any other multi-strain bacteria product due to the unique way that it delivers live, activated bacteria. It is important to understand, however, that Symprove is not a medicine but a probiotic liquid supplement and should be taken in addition to a balanced diet. If you are in any doubt about whether to include a food supplement in your diet, you should discuss this with your doctor or other appropriate Physician or Practitioner.

Can I overdose?

Symprove is a multistrain probiotic liquid supplement. It is extremely difficult to overdose on Symprove, but we do not advise you consume more than the daily recommended amount. Consuming a large amount of bacteria may result in bloating or flatulence. This will often subside, however if symptoms persist for longer than a few days, reduce your dose of Symprove and gradually build it up again. Please phone our customer care team on 1-800-973-4510 or email our customer care team at customercare@symprove.com, or alternatively  see a practitioner, in the event of any side effects that do not subside.

Can I take Symprove and Alcohol?

Alcohol can have a strong negative effect on your gut bacteria. We recommend alcohol is avoided for a few hours after taking Symprove.

Can Symprove survive at ambient temperatures?

The bacteria in Symprove easily survive in ambient temperatures. Once you open a bottle of Symprove, please pop in the fridge to maximise shelf-life. If you are travelling abroad with Symprove, it can go in the hold of an aeroplane without any problems. If your destination is warm/hot and you do not have access to a fridge, we recommend you fill a sink with cold water and keep your Symprove in it to keep cool. Remember to change the water regularly to try and keep it as cool as you can. We have many flight attendants who take Symprove and this was a top tip from them!

How long do I need to take Symprove?

In order to keep your gut bacteria in optimum balance once the 12-week programme is complete, we recommend that you continue to take Symprove – why not consider a subscription?

How should I look after Symprove?

Before opening, Symprove should be stored in a cool dark place. After opening, it should be kept in the refrigerator to ensure the live and active bacteria are kept in optimum condition. Once opened, Symprove should be consumed within three weeks. Symprove should never be frozen or heated as this would kill the bacteria.

Should I take Symprove with food?

We recommend you take Symprove first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, before breakfast. Ideally, you should wait a minimum of 10 minutes before eating and drinking to allow Symprove the best chance of reaching your gut quickly and begin colonising. If you do eat immediately afterwards or drink Symprove with food, it won’t do you any harm, but it may slow down the delivery of Symprove. If you forget to take Symprove first thing and have eaten, allow two hours after eating and then take Symprove.

What is the shelf life for Symprove and how should it be stored?

Symprove is bottled as a live culture but it can be stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place. The shelf-life is three to four months (please read the best before date which is printed on the bottle). Once opened, keep refrigerated but do not freeze or heat as this will kill the bacteria.

Can I still take my other supplements?


Can I travel with Symprove?

Many customers travel successfully with Symprove and we ship it all over the world. If you can put it in the refrigerator when you get to your destination that’s great, but if not just try and keep it in a cool place and it should be ok.

Does Symprove need to be kept in the Refrigerator?

In ideal conditions, keep your Symprove in the refrigerator once open. However, if you are unable to refrigerate don’t worry. Symprove is a robust product and as long as you don’t expose it to extremes of heat or cold, it should be ok.

How much Symprove should I take on the subscription plan?

The recommended daily amount is 70ml

Should I take Symprove during/following antibiotics?

Yes, it’s always helpful to top up your gut during or after antibiotic treatment to maintain balance in the gut. Whilst antibiotics usually help to get on top of illness, they can also destroy the ‘beneficial’ bacteria in the gut at the same time.

We recommend that you take Symprove at a different time to your antibiotics if possible – remember that ideally you should take Symprove a minimum of 10 minutes before eating or drinking to allow it to pass through the stomach to successfully arrive, survive and thrive in the gut.

If in any doubt please contact your Practitioner or Physician.

What happens if I miss a dose?

The recommended dose of 70ml a day is to ensure that colonisation of the gut is maintained by the bacteria within Symprove. Each person has a different gut microbiome and may be affected differently by missing a dose or stopping Symprove. Whilst there may be no obvious change to your body, we advise that you return to a daily recommended use as soon as possible.

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Week 10 of my Symprove!

Into week 10 of my Symprove and loving it. Taste great, grown to love it and most importantly, fantastic results for my gut. Happy customer 😍

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Life Changing

Symprove has been life changing for me to the extent that I don’t have to watch what I eat now. Highly recommend. 🙌

Samantha L
This is a wonderful supplement

This is a wonderful supplement, within 3-4 days my IBS had subsided (I’ve had it for 4 years), within 2 weeks I had more energy. ⚡️

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