Symprove explained

Your gut is an incredible thing. When you look after it, it looks after you. Symprove is a unique, water-based food supplement. It contains four strains of live and active bacteria. These are delivered to the gut to support the microbiome.

How Symprove works

Live and active bacteria

Digestion involves a lot of seriously strong stomach acid, triggered by the ingestion of food. Bacteria delivered in food are exposed to these harsh acidic conditions and less likely to survive.

Symprove's unique water-based formula is packed full of live, active bacteria. Because Symprove is water-based, it doesn't trigger digestion. More live and active bacteria surviving passage through the stomach means a better opportunity to colonize the gut. This ability to deliver thriving bacteria is what makes Symprove so special. 

Successfully delivering live bacteria to
the gut to support the microbiome

  • Arrive

    Symprove’s water-based formula arrives alive in your stomach

  • Survive

    And because it doesn’t trigger digestion it is more able to reach your gut

  • Thrive

    Once it reaches the gut, it thrives and multiplies

  • Drive

    The thriving bacteria help to feed and nourish the good gut bacteria in the microbiome

Getting bacteria to where it matters

It’s important to maintain a balance of bacteria in your gut. 

However, getting the bacteria where they are needed isn’t that simple. Your digestive system is a hostile place. They need to arrive in your stomach in good shape, survive passage through it and thrive once they arrive in the gut.

Symprove has an advantage. In an independent study at University College London* Symprove was shown to outperform seven other products in its ability to survive, thrive and colonise the gut. 

Why Symprove?

Maintaining a healthy gut
balance is easy!

Incorporating Symprove into your daily routine is easy and certainly doesn’t require a major lifestyle change! Just take 70ml of Symprove every morning on an empty stomach, wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking and then continue with your day. 

A unique water-based food supplement, full of live and active bacteria to support the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome affects the body from birth and throughout life by supporting things like the digestion of food and the processes of the immune and central nervous systems.

  • Digestion
  • Immunity
  • Wellness
  • Brain
  • Sleep
  • Energy
The Gut Microbiome

So what exactly is the
gut microbiome?

Your microbiome is a massive ecosystem made up of trillions of organisms. Collectively these weigh up to 2kg - that's heavier than the average human brain!

The human gut microbiome and its role in health are the subject of extensive and ongoing clinical research. What we do know is that the microbiome is involved in fundamental metabolic, nutritional and immune system functions. That’s why it is so important to protect the microbiome and support its continued healthy balance.

A typical digestive tract contains a vast collection of microbial communities including:

  • Bacteria
  • Yeasts
  • Viruses
  • Archea
  • Fungi

Diversity of bacteria in the gut is associated with stability and resilience, which is a reliable indicator of gut health. And, interestingly, research has shown that the composition of the gut microbiome can change with dietary intervention, stress levels and quality of sleep.

What your microbiome does

Your microbiome lives in harmony with you. Take care of it, and it’ll take care of you. Although scientists are only beginning to understand the role of the microbiome, it is believed to assist in:

  • The breakdown of complex carbohydrates
  • Producing vitamins and minerals
  • Producing short-chain fatty acids
  • Defending against pathogens
  • Training our immune system
  • Supporting detoxification

Starting your Symprove journey with the 12 week program

Why 12 weeks?

When making dietary changes, you should allow time to adjust to them. We recommend you use Symprove for at least 12 weeks. 

Should I continue taking Symprove?

Yes! Most people do. Experience shows that most people will experience a difference after 12 weeks, and for a lot of people, continuing to take Symprove becomes part of a balanced lifestyle along with a healthy diet and exercise. 

Symprove exists because we want people to enjoy a happy gut and healthy lives. We’ve designed Symprove to maintain your gut bacteria once you have re-balanced it. You can continue to order Symprove a month at a time, but the most convenient and cost-effective option is to subscribe. That way you won’t need to remember to keep re-ordering.

Modern lifestyles and the importance of health and fitness

Good diet, sleep patterns and exercise are thought to have a positive effect on the microbiome and leave us feeling happier and healthier. Other activities such as playing outside and exposure to animals and dirt help balance the good and bad bacteria within your microbiome. But, nobody’s perfect. Modern lifestyles mean we can’t always do everything we’re supposed to. Live bacteria supplements can help support the gut microbiome in the context of a healthy diet & lifestyle.

Our Research

The science behind Symprove

Symprove supports serious research. Committed to developing the understanding of the function and role of the microbiome, we also use a scientific approach to developing the most effective bacteria based product.

Our research

Founded in 2002, Symprove Ltd has been committed to extensive research and testing from the start. We want you to live a healthier, happier life, and because of this we’ve supported multiple research programs, both into the microbiome and Symprove itself. 

Several scientific studies have been carried out on Symprove and studies published so far include: 

  • Effective delivery system – survival of the Symprove bacteria through the Gastrointestinal tract
  • Gut function and how this is impacted by use of multistrain live bacteria products
  • Emerging research – The impact of Symprove on other components of the microflora and implications for the maintenance of human health

How Symprove is tested?

Symprove undergoes rigorous testing before being dispatched to our customers. Because we’re so committed to making sure Symprove meets our strict manufacturing guidelines, each batch is tested three times by an independent laboratory. The independent testing is carried out by a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laboratory.

Gluten-free testing

Although we use barley extract to create Symprove, during the production process any gluten in the barley is removed. Samples are checked to ensure Symprove remains under the 20 parts per million limits for a gluten-free product. All this means we can be confident your bottle of Symprove is rigorously tested and of the highest quality.


Committed to sustainability

Concern for the environment is integral to Symprove and we take our responsibility to sustainability very seriously. Here are some of the ways we are committed to the ongoing process of reducing our impact on the planet

Zero-waste grain

One way we are working to reduce waste is our use of the barley grain to make Symprove. After germinating the grain (increasing some enzymes by 600%!), fermentation gives us a Symprove ‘broth’ ready to add the bacteria to. The story doesn’t end here. We take the ‘spent’ grains and return them to the farm to be used to make a powerful organic fertilizer. So the grain starts from and returns to the land, being useful along the way. A big tick for the environment!

Harnessing the power of the sun

As a far less environmentally-damaging option, Symprove have invested in solar panels for our entire site, and we aim to produce 80% of our energy this way. This will enable us to move towards a carbon neutral approach to energy usage. So the energy from the sun that helps to grow our Symprove barley grain also powers our computers to take your orders and lights our offices.

Working wonders with water

Offices can be vast consumers of water, with consumption in the UK averaging at the equivalent of three office water coolers per employee per day. Well over half of this is used for flushing toilets. For over a decade here at Symprove we have been using ‘grey’ water (rainwater) to flush all the toilets in our office. It’s great to think that at Symprove water that would otherwise literally go down the drain is being reused and recycled.

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